Dental Implants in Red Deer

Dental Implants Near You

Though it may seem frustrating initially, there’s no need to worry if you’re dealing with missing teeth! Advancements in dentistry have given rise to various treatments that can help patients remedy this very issue.

Often considered the gold standard, getting dental implants in Red Deer is highly recommended to help individuals repair and enhance their smiles. It is a safe procedure that provides long-lasting results.

If you’re curious to learn more about this service, reach out to a dentist near you.

dental implants near you

Why are Implants Necessary?

Dental implants can be regarded as replacement tooth roots. They fill in gaps in your smile and prevent your other teeth from shifting. They also restore your bite pattern, allowing you to bite and chew without discomfort, and improve the overall aesthetic of your smile.

Do note that, since this is a surgery, not everyone is an ideal candidate. You must attend a preliminary consultation with your Red Deer dentist first. They will evaluate your smile and be able to determine if this is the right avenue for you.

What Does an Implant Consist of?

One implant is made by attaching three smaller parts:

  1. Screw – A titanium screw is inserted into your socket and embedded in the jawbone with surgery. Over a few months, the screw will fuse with your bone to establish a solid foundation. Your prosthetic won’t wiggle around or fall out.
  2. Abutment – The abutment attaches the screw to a visible prosthetic. It is also made of titanium, a biocompatible metal. Surgery is needed to place this piece onto the screw.
  3. Prosthetic – The last step is to add the prosthetic. This is the only part of the implant you can see as it rests above the gum line. A dental crown is the most common prosthetic, but bridges and dentures can be incorporated, too.

Your dentist will need at least two, maybe three, appointments to complete this treatment. Your mouth will need to heal after the surgeries, and it will take a couple of weeks for the prosthetic to be designed – it is created from porcelain or ceramic, so it blends in with your teeth.

Be sure to maintain good dental hygiene throughout this process so your treatment is not negatively impacted. Cavities and gum disease can set back your progress. Be sure to follow all the instructions that your dentist provides.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Red Deer

Ask any dentist near you; getting implants can be extremely beneficial for patients of all ages:

  • Last nearly a lifetime
  • Help maintain bone health
  • Simple to care for
  • Restore your ability to talk and eat
  • Comfortable
  • A straightforward process
  • A high success rate

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